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Re: New basal dinosauriform

I mean the actual paper, not the press releases that are much less interesting. And sadly rarely accurate.


Le 05/12/2012 10:00, Ruben a écrit :
On 12/05/2012 03:24 AM, Jocelyn Falconnet wrote:
And here is the link:

Curiously, I was only able to find it by using the search tool on the
Biology Letters website...




     UW researchers help find oldest dinosaur, or relative
     Seattle Post Intelligencer-5 hours ago
     A team led by a University of Washington researcher reported the
discovery what may be the earliest dinosaur Tuesday. "If the newly named
     Scientists Discover The Earliest Known Dinosaur
     Forbes-2 hours ago
     New contender for oldest dinosaur
     BBC News-8 hours ago
     Scientists find the first dinosaur - and say it was similar in size
to a ...
     Highly Cited
     -Daily Mail-8 hours ago
     Labrador-sized dinosaurs walked Earth '243 million years ago'
     -Telegraph.co.uk-25 minutes ago

     BBC News


     Daily Mail


     Independent Online

     Science Codex

     Sydney Morning Herald
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