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Re: Late Cretaceous metatherians and survival into Paleocene

[...] Therefore, the major  groups Herpetotheriidae and ‘Peradectidae
> sensu lato’, represented almost completely by Palaeo[g?]ene taxa,
> must have originated in the Late Cretaceous. The lineages leading to
> these clades include at least four lineages that must have crossed
> the K-Pg boundary and therefore confirm that the K-Pg boundary marked
> a profound extinction event for metatherians and suggests that
> Palaeogene taxa originated from only a few clades of Cretaceous
> species, all of which were relatively minor or very rare components
> of known Cretaceous mammalian faunas.

This result also confirms that none of the pre-Pliocene metatherians of the northern hemisphere were (crown-group) marsupials, let alone didelphimorphs, right?