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RIP: Brian Switek's Dinosaur Tracking and Laelaps blogs--an appreciation

From: Ben Creisler

I am sure that most DML members are aware of Brian Switek's two blogs
devoted to prehistoric life and may know that both end today.

Dinosaur Tracking (for the Smithsonian)  highlighted new dinosaur
discoveries but also delved into both early and recent history of
dinosaur science--along with bad dinosaur cinema, tacky roadside
dinosaurs, and other lighter topics.

Laelaps (for Wired Science) covered the full range of paleo-topics and
went into more depth and detail.

I have been a regular follower of both blogs. What has been
particularly valuable has been Brian's hard-nosed approach to media
hype and distortion of paleo-science research--in some cases, hype
perpetrated--or at least not strongly opposed--by a few researchers
themselves. Targets have included intelligent giant cephalopods that
create art with ichthyosaur phalanges, aquatic dinosaurs, and more.

The good news is that he is starting a new blog for the National
Geographic next week. We call all wish him the best and encourage him
to keep up the good work! I'm also hoping that both Dinosaur Tracking
and Laelaps remain archived and accessible into the future.