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Re: [dinosaur] policies

On Thu, Jun 13, 2019 at 7:05 AM Stevie Moore <studiospectre@gmail.com> wrote:

hello, I was interested in researching the policies and rules of the group/list, however the github link is broken and I cannot access that portion of the FAQ on the archives website.Â
Does anyone have any of that information available to share?Â

Back in the 90's and early oughts, this list was a hotbed of arguments, and the owners (of which I am one) policed it pretty thoroughly. Main concerns were 1) no posting of any material that might help sellers of real fossil material find buyers, 2) no discussion of creationism, 3) no attacking other people (even if they weren't subscribed), 4) no taking over the list by submitting large numbers of messages in a given day. As a place for discussion, this list is effectively dead (though I appreciate that some old timers like Tom Holtz, David Marjanovic, and Tim Williams occasionally try to have conversations still). I've placed the administrative rules on a few different websites over the years, but after the last free site evaporated, I never felt motivated enough to find another home. There's just not a real need.

If the list continues as it is now, just a place for papers of potential interest to be pointed out, we're not going to bother policing it. This is NOT an invitation to start breaking the old rules!!! If a need re-arises, we will start taking action again. If you have ANY questions about list administration, please direct them to me and or Mary Kirkaldy (MKirkaldy@aol.com). Yeah that was another rule... no discussion of list policy on the list (not because we wanted to hide it -- sometimes we sought opinions -- but rather because e-mail volume used to be fairly high, and we didn't want the list cluttered by anything that wasn't discussion of dinosaur science).

Mickey Rowe   (MickeyPRowe@gmail.com) ÂÂ