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Re: [dinosaur] Caudipteryx feathered arm flapping while running (free pdf)

Ruben Safir <ruben@mrbrklyn.com> wrote:

> So the jumping origin is out of favor now?

Not necessarily.  Based on the Intro, the authors seem to prefer WAIR
(wing-assisted incline running) as an ancestral 'pre-flight' behavior.
But given they favor a 'ground-up' origin of flight in general (= no
arboreal/gliding stage), their model is entirely compatible with a
leaping origin of flight as well.  (I tend to side with those studies
that are skeptical of WAIR being a driver of flight evolution in
paravians; there's sound evidence that hindlimb-driven leaping is more
consistent with the morphology of basal paravians, much more so than
WAIR.)  The study here (Talori et al.) is focused on the origin of the
incipient flight stroke - it doesn't really weigh in on the adaptive
benefits of such a motion to a terrestrial cursor.  Although lift is
generated, the study is not explicit on how this lift could be
leveraged for biophysical or ecological advantage (not a criticism of
the study - it's beyond the scope of their analyses).