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[dinosaur] Dinosaur finds in Yakutia region of Russia + Suskityrannus + Mesozoic birds + more

Ben Creisler

Some recent items:

Paleontologists find Early Cretaceous dinosaur fossils in Yakutia in northern Russia, including primitive forms such as stegosaurs and sauropods that look like survivors from Jurassic of China


For a video of a talk by Pavel Skuchas about Siberian dinosaurs (in Russian)


More on Suskityrannus...

Newly Discovered Cousin of T. Rex Was a Pint-Sized Killer [corrected version]

Smaller Tyrannosaur Fossils Aid Researchers in T-Rex Lineage

This Adorable Little Tyrannosaur Just Filled a Large Gap in T. rex EvolutionÂ
[not sure "adorable" is the right word...it would bite!]


The fossilization process of dinosaur remains


Dinosaurs get their close-ups in these stunning photos (photo gallery)


Giganotosaurus and other dinosaurs at the Museo Villa El ChocÃnÂin Argentina (in Spanish)



Putting Flesh on Ancient Bones
David Button


The Birds That Lived in The Age of Dinosaurs
[use of "lizard" is a bit confusing...]


Ah, Snap! Dino named for Marvel's Thanos
Carnegie Museum of Natural History
Matt Lamanna


Dinosaur in the Dark with Dr Steve BrusatteÂ
The University of Edinburgh


Common Descent (podcasts)

Episode 58 - The Bone Wars


Episode 60 - Turtles (+ crocodilian death rolls ...)

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