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[dinosaur] Course on Data Manipulation and Visualization in R â scholarships available

Dear colleagues,
USING THE TIDYVERSE has some scholarships available. You can apply here (free 
course attendance) here: 
Deadline: October 15th.
Course dates: November 4th-8th, 2019.

Instructors: Dr. Ashton Drew (KDV Decision Analysis LLC United States of 
America) and Dr. Sheila Saia (United States Forest Service Center for 
Integrated Forest Science, United States of America)

Place:  Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain)

Registration and more info:  

Course Overview

This intermediate course exposes students to the breadth of resources available 
in the R tidyverse to build their fluency and confidence when working in R.  
The tidyverse is a collection of libraries and functions in R sharing an 
underlying design (philosophy, grammar, and data structures) that aims to help 
users create efficient, "tidy" code.  Many of the libraries address the common 
data wrangling tasks (read, select, filter, gather, spread, modify, recode, 
summarize) that are the precursors to both data analysis and visualization.  
Other libraries address specific tasks (e.g., ggplot2 to create graphs; purr to 
create functions; broom to tabulate model results) or specific data types 
(e.g., sf for spatial data, tibbletime for temporal data).

A mix of lectures and exercises will walk students through a series of 
increasingly complex data manipulation and visualization tasks.  These 
exercises will emphasize the underlying principles and grammar of the tidyverse 
to help students transfer what they learn in the examples to their own research 
coding projects.

Import tabular, spatial, and temporal data (readr, readxl, haven, sf, 
Manage data structure (dplyr, tidyr, magrittr, forcats, lubridate, stringr)
Introduction to functional programming (purr)
Visualize data and model results (broom, ggplot2)

Please feel free to distribute this information between your colleagues if you 
consider it appropriate.

Soledad De Esteban-Trivigno
Institut Català de PaleontologiaÂMiquel CrusafontÂ(ICP)

Campus de la Universitat AutÃnoma de Barcelona
Cerdanyola del VallÃs (Barcelona). Spain