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Re: [dinosaur] New preprint: sauropods have spinal-cord supports like salamanders

If anyone wants to learn more about paleorXiv, we have submission guidelines here: https://paleorxiv.github.io/submission_guidelines.html

and a pretty comprehensive database of journal policies for sharing preprints (pre-peer review) and postprints (post-peer review) here: https://paleorxiv.github.io/journal_policies.html

We make it pretty easy for any palaeontologist to make virtually all of their research articles, data, software etc. freely accessible at zero-cost to the authors. Including past projects too. Enjoy!


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On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 5:37 PM Jura <pristichampsus@yahoo.com> wrote:
PeerJ Preprints is going to be closed, BTW. Nobody has so much as hinted at a reason; the official statement on PeerJ's blog just claims "the time has come", there's no way to leave comments on that post, and when I wrote an e-mail to ask, I didn't get any reaction.


I suspect it's because it was never all that popular. Despite the strong push from folks like the SVPOW guys, according to a Facebook convo on Nick Gardner's wall, PeerJ preprints were always a hard sell for prospective submitters. They might try funneling things towards BioRxiv or PaleorXiv in the future, especially now that there is a glut of options available to people wanting to go that route.