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Re: [dinosaur] Dinosaur action figures

Thank you for sharing theseÂ
These are great products, and he has done a few kickstarters and probably will do more.Â
I've met Dave a couple of times at conventions, really great guy, and I have his Dimetrodon model, it's exquisite.Â

On Fri, Sep 20, 2019 at 10:39 AM James Norton <jnorton1946@gmail.com> wrote:
Below is a link to a source of dinosaur action figures, each with multiple moveable joints allowing creative poses. The artist is David Silva. The dinos are all feathered to various degrees, which the site claims is designed to help the public understand dinosaur and avian evolution. Several sets come with interchangeable parts, allowing novel combinations of wings, crests, feet, and tails. Thought Iâd share.



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