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Re: [dinosaur] Agressive behavior of the T. rex

These are all unanswerable questions. T. rex wasn't a machine, it was an animal. The choice to eat a person vs. a larger prey item would depend entirely on the context of the situation. How big was this T. rex? How hungry was it? How angry, jumpy, curious, etc.


On Friday, September 20, 2019, 11:42:54 AM CDT, Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote:

Good day to all listmembers!

Just a short question - given the apparent agresivity of the Tyrannosaurus rex (adult individual), but also the fact, that human would be too small a prey for it - would it be perhaps "safe" for us to stand near it? In other words, if T. rex had a choice of attacking human some 20 yards away and a subadult 1 tonne Edmontosaurus 100 yards away, which one would it choose? Was there some size/mass limit for an animal, at which it would be not interesting as a prey item for an adult T. rex (or any other large theropod, for that matter)? Thank you in advance! Tom