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Re: [dinosaur] Agressive behavior of the T. rex

Good day!

You suppose then, an adult T. rex would be capable of running/power walking at some 15 kmh (9 mph) for some two-three minutes or more? Anyway, standing still next to it would not be a good idea. And hiding inside a car would also be hopeless, as an adult T. rex could crush a standard car virtually flat with its powerful jaws and feet. Tom

Few extant predators will pass up the chance of an easy meal, and they don't come much easier than a
relatively small, slow and non-armoured primate. Although it could be argued that a human with the
technological ability to travel through time might have other technological tricks up its sleave.

A more interesting question might be how far a large adult tyrannosaur would bother chasing a human-
sized prey item before deciding it wasn't worth the energy expenditure. I suspect the answer would be
bad news for anyone other than a marathon runner.

Dann Pigdon

On Sat, Sep 21st, 2019 at 2:42 AM, Poekilopleuron <dinosaurtom2015@seznam.cz> wrote:

> Just a short question - given the apparent aggressiveness of the Tyrannosaurus
> rex (adult individual), but also the fact, that human would be too small a
> prey for it - would it be perhaps "safe" for us to stand near it? In other
> words, if T. rex had a choice of attacking human some 20 yards away and a
> subadult 1 tonne Edmontosaurus 100 yards away, which one would it choose?
> Was there some size/mass limit for an animal, at which it would be not
> interesting as a prey item for an adult T. rex (or any other large theropod,
> for that matter)? Thank you in advance! Tom