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[dinosaur] October National Geographic article on private vertebrate fossils

There is an article in the newest Nat Geo mag on the private ownership of fossil vertebrates controversy. Some leading paleos seem OK with it.

What I note is that a number of people of wealth are putting their big bucks into fossils, which is problematic. What they are not doing is putting their big bucks into paleoart, which after decades still lacks a set of patrons -- Lazendorf long being gone -- to help support artists, both directly and by establishing art of extinct beasts as a legitimate genre comparable to wildlife art. No one will complain about people owning 2-D and 3-D art of dinosaurs and mosasaurs, while doing so will do some people considerable good. As it is the situation is messed up. 

Note that there is one item of paleoart on p 126 of the article. A pretty well know item I might say. Where is my $500 check NatGeo? (Sriously, I'm going to get after them for the cash.)