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[dinosaur] Update to Paleontologist job US Forest Service

Ben Creisler

Here is an update to the message I forwarded on September 27.

to Vrtpaleo-l, dinosaur-l

Update â this job will be announced open to the public from Wednesday October 2nd through Friday October 4th.


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Ben Creisler

Forwarding this new job message to both the VertPaleo List and the Dinosaur Mailing List with some parts converted to text only without images...

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From: Schumacher, Bruce A -FS
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Subject: Paleontologist job US Forest Service


Hello all, please help to spread this message throughout the paleontological community â thanks for your help.Â


The US Department of Agriculture, Forest Service has announced a permanent full-time GS-11/12 paleontologist position. The job announcement reads broadly â however, this is an obligate paleontological resources management position. The job is dominantly about assisting (and advocating) researchers to acquire permits, reviewing permit applications and reports, establishing curatorial relationships with partner museums/universities, and reviewing plans for land management/ ground disturbing activities requiring paleontological resources mitigation under the National Environmental Policy Act. Myriad other important duties are required, including; educational-outreach activities and communication, conference attendance and presentation, database management, assisting to draft policy for CFR 291 regulations (paleontology, specifically best practices for permitted and casual collection), - AND, field based collection and education activities with citizen scientists and/or partner museums/universities. Involvement with research and peer review publication is encouraged. Duty Station is Lakewood, Colorado (Denver). Any particular question about duties, feel free to contact me - bruce.schumacher@usda.gov.




The job will be announced âOpen to the Publicâ next week (likely Oct 1st Tuesday â October 3rd Thursday). Short window of time, so Iâm providing a preemptive heads up. Be sure to go through the resume builder on the USAJobs.gov website, to ensure all information required to be considered for the position is included.Â


The announcement was posted internal to government employees and veterans on Tuesday (Sept 24th). Current/former federal employees and veterans should apply to both the Merit and Public announcements.


Best, Bruce

Bruce A. Schumacher, PhD

Lead Paleontologist Forest Service Minerals and Geology Management, Washington OfficeÂ
p: 303-275-5381
f: 303-275-5122

1617 Cole Boulevard, Building 17
Lakewood, CO 80401-3305

ÂCaring for the land and serving people


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